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Another PKD Adaptation

Nicholas Cage will star in Next, the film adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s short story “The Golden Man,” about a man with the ability to see short distances into the future. The movie is to be filmed this summer and is planned for a 2006 release date.

A promising quote: “We don’t want to turn this into a science-fiction movie without the science fiction.” – Director Lee Tamahori.

[via Sci Fi Wire]

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6 Comments on Another PKD Adaptation

  1. Enough with PKD. His corpse has been pissed on enough by Hollywood. It’s been decades since anyone’s fucked up a Bradbury story. And there’s still plenty of Ursula LeGuin stuff to ruin…

  2. I sense you’re holding back. Please, let us know how you really feel…

  3. Jeff, I guess you haven’t heard about the feature length A Sound of Thunder that’s due out in August.

    More info at, including links to various trailers over at Warner Bros.

    It *looks* pretty… but I am concerned.

  4. I forgot all about Sound of Thunder, which looks like a horrible eco-thriller full of people running.

    I do not go to movies. I went to the recent showing of The Animation Show at a local art theater, and before that it was The Powerpuff Girls movie. I have too much deep-seated love for SF to watch it get repeatedly fucked on the big screen.

    I await the day when Canticle for Leibowitz becomes a tale of martial-arts monks violently defending thier temple from post-apocalyptic mutants…

  5. Oh, come on, Jeff. Are there no sf movies you like? Sure, they’re usually trash, but certainly some of them must rise above the heap?

  6. Of recent SF films I’ve seen, I’ve liked:

    Incredibles. As close to perfect as I’ve seen in a superhero movie.

    It embraced all the tropes that every other superhero film recently have eschewed.

    The Dune/Children of Dune miniseries. It’s TV. Plus it’s a European production. So Hollywood gets no credit.

    Immortal. Narratively, it’s a mess, but it nailed the look and feel of the comic (which I loved for its sheer weirdness). When people talk about Sin City being the first film to “get the source comic right” I point to this.

    For the record, I saw Sin City, and it is a beautiful adaptation of the comic, I’m just not that big of a fan of the comic.

    I’m also a big Hellboy fan, and the movie was good, but JUST good. It could have been tightened up alot.

    Appleseed. Once again, not Hollywood. Nails a visual future without using the consensus post-Bladerunner metroscape of AI, Minority Report, I Robot, etc.

    I’ve enjoyed the new Dr. Who episodes, especially the second one.

    The CGI Capt. Scarlet’s have also been much fun, with lots of big ‘splosions.

    My favorite SF project lately is still the Future is Wild documentary, which explores future evolution. Pure speculation, with lots of eye candy beasties.

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