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Here’s the April 22 roundup of brief SF reviews published by Entertainment Weekly reviewer Noah Robischon.

SUNSTORM by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Grade: B+
Upshot: Though Clarke and Baxter have mastered the art of saving the world in blockbuster style, the climactic finale is clouded by a tangential subplot about insidious aliens.
WELL OF STARS by Robert Reed
Grade: A
Upshot: Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine put together don’t add up to the epic geekiness of Reed’s follow-up to 2000’s Marrow
HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE by Chris Roberson
Grade: B
Upshot: Roberson’s irreverent alternate histories of the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, and H.G. Wells are a welcome stitch in the age-old time-travel tradition.
MINDSCAN by Robert J. Sawyer
Grade: B
Upshot: Sawyer lucidly explores the fascinating philosophical conundrums, but the courtroom drama reads too much like jury duty.
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