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Free Comic Book Day 2005

I was walking by the local Bedrock Comics and noticed a sign that this year’s Free Comic Book Day happens on Saturday, May 7th. The selection of comics includes those from Gold sponsors (The Simpsons and Futurama, Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith among others), silver sponsors (Johnny Raygun, Buzzboy, Mortal Coils) and bronze sponsors (previously published comics). Stop by a store near you!

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7 Comments on Free Comic Book Day 2005

  1. Just as a point of order, the Bedrock City story John is referring to is directly next door to the Half-Price Books store he obsessively frequents…

  2. Ummm. Err….:-S

  3. Reminder! This saturday!

  4. The boy and I went to Free Comic Book Day at Bedrock City Comics yesterday. The only free comic they had was Archangel, a Christian-based comic written and drawn right here in Houston, TX. As a bonus, the author was there signing copies. I can’t speak for the story until I’ve read it, but paging through the book, the art is very nice.

    I also picked up Fables trade issue 1, a comic by Vertigo where legendary characters from the fables (The Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Rose Red) attempt to exist inconspicuously in New York City. The comic won three Eisners, and I like urban fantasy, so I gave it a shot.

    Additionally, I picked up book four of Y: The Last Man, a series in which a virus wipes out all males of the human species but one. This series has been tremendous so far.

    Finally, Austen (the boy) picked up the first issue of the classic Bone. The store owner offered us a very good deal on the Bone compendium if we like the first issue.

    Anyway, overall a good exprience at Free Comic Book Day.

  5. Actually, sounds like a good experience for Bedrock on FCBD! You did end up buying several things.

    And you can get the complete Bone collection for $25 from Amazon.

  6. I should also mention that it was also their sale weekend, so everything I bought was at least 25% off. And the deal he’s giving on Bone is even better than $25!

  7. Gasp! A better price than Amazon?:O

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