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How To Fix Your Amateur Astronomy Deficiency

Without shelling out $$$$$ for a telescope. You subscribe to the Slooh online observatory. For $50/year, you can access Slooh and participate in unlimited oberservation sessions and save and download pictures of the things you see. You also get 15 minutes of time where you control what the scopes are pointing at. The really cool thing is that the observatory is located in the Canary Islands, so the seeing is great. And with scopes nowadays being controlled by computers, this is a natural fit for the Internet. Sorta like Internet hunting, only without the live ammo.

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3 Comments on How To Fix Your Amateur Astronomy Deficiency

  1. The viewing schedule for 4/16/05 is here. I may joing the 7 day trial just to checkout the Horsehead Nebula.

  2. Interesting – but I was suprised to see the scope is just a 14″ SC. Not that this isn’t a fine scope – it is – but I was hoping for something more.

    The George Observatory has a 36″ telescope available for public viewing and it’s within driving distance of my house. 🙂

  3. Yeah, the George Observatory is cool, as is the scope. What we really need is someone at the UT Mcdonald Observatory in Fort Davis to hook those suckers up to the internet and allow people to remote view with it.

    Dark skies? Check.

    Big @$$ telescopes? Check.

    Paid for by your tax dollars? Check.

    That would be sweet.

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