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Is There Any SF TV Worth Watching?

I used to whine about the lack of good science fiction on TV. Of course, back then, I hadn’t watched Firefly. Having seen the DVDs, I can now say that it was a hugely entertaining show.

What about current shows? I very much like the new Battlestar Galactica, but other than that, I cannot say there’s anything that really captures my attention. Even Stargate: SG1 and SG: Atlantis, both of which I like, fail to draw me in these days.

So what do others think of the current Science Fiction TV landscape? What are the shows on now (no reruns) worth watching?

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12 Comments on Is There Any SF TV Worth Watching?

  1. For me, othar than BG, there isn’t anything. I’m reserving judgement on whether Lost is SF or not. And there’s even a letter on SciFi Weekly stating we are in the golden age of SF TV. I hope he puts the crack pipe down next time…

  2. Hi! Long time reader, first time writer. I’ve never considered 99% of the “science fiction” on tv as science fiction anyway so the fact that there is a dearth of “science fiction” tv worth watching is NOT suprising to me. If you forced me into a corner and told me I had to watch “science fiction” tv I think I’d have to choose a good IMDB search intersected with my Netflix queue to generate some DVD rentals to find “science fiction” tv worth watching.

  3. Justice League. Best half hour on TV.

  4. Allan Rosewarne // April 7, 2005 at 11:27 pm //

    Carnivale on HBO. More fantasy, or maybe horror, than SF. First rate cast Clea DuVall, Clancy Brown, Nick Stahl and writing that tests your imagination.

  5. The new series of Doctor Who is great and yet almost completely the opposite of new BG (which I loved too).

    Otherwise it’s a bit quiet on UK TV.

    I’m waiting for the BBC to produce some SF with the same style as Hustle or Spooks, that would be awesome.

  6. I finally had a chance to check out the first DVD for Firefly – wow what a great show, but in a way I am not surprised it was not kept going by Fox. I am surprised that the Sci-Fi channel did not pick it up since it really would work there. It has very similar camera work to BG with respect to space battles and what not.

    As to Dr. Who – I used to watch that show many years ago when it was on PBS. It was cheesy, but darned good sci fi. I need to figure out a way to check out the latest installments of Dr. Who…

  7. I’ll give Atlantis until the second season to decide whether its worth continuing to watch. They are still shaking down. SG-1 seemed to be avoiding the tieing of of various loose ends this season, then tied a whole bunch up all at once. I did enjoy the episodes “Citizen Joe” and “Mobebius” (two-part finale). Given the new characters next season, maybe that will reinvigorate the show.

    BS:G, the best on TV now.

    What comes next? We’ll see…Numbers (sorry, don’t remember how they spell it differently) shows that you can have intelligent characters, maybe there will be a show or two next season with intelligent/scientific characters in it with some SF elements. Maybe BS:G will inspire another show, or a network will pick up the first season of BS:G to show as a miniseries.

    For you inner fanboys, there’s always the alleged/rumored Star Wars TV stuff. Kind of funny. Tbe original BS:G was definately inspired by the popularity of SW. It’ll be a hoot if the next SW movie does not as good as expected and Lucas tries to recover from the loss by doing TV…and then SW will “reverse polarity”, so to speak.

    Star Trek? Who cares. Fire B&B, hire folks like D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold and the like. Otherwise Trek may never fly again, or will be another lame duck. (It’s kind of sad that since they put off the finale, I haven’t watched an episode…and may skip the final episodes as well out of inertia!).

  8. I guess I could argue that CSI & Numb3rs is sci-fi (it has science integral to the plot, and it’s fiction.)

    However, no, there isn’t any good sci-fi on. I watched another portion of BS:G and still can’t get into it. 21 Jumpstreet-in-space.

  9. I do watch Carnivale, though I’m only 2/3 through the first season (on DVD.) I like the story, but hate that they frequently use sex/nudity as a crutch/replacement for decent story.

    Besides that and Battlestar Galactica. there’s no sci-fi I watch.

    Oh, I also started trying to watch Babylon 5 on DVD. I’m about 1/2 way through the first season, and so far it’s not doin’ it at all for me. I’ll hang on, though, as ‘they’ say the second season really gets good. These are the same ‘they’, though, that like Star Trek, which also didn’t do it for me. We’ll see, though.

  10. Who is this ‘they’ and which Star Trek? B5 does start out slow while everything gets put into place. Then the rollercoaster hits the top of the hill in Season 2 and barrels through to the end of Season 4.

  11. Kevin are you saying that NO Star Trek does it for you? Yikes!

    Are you sure you even like sci-fi 😀

  12. Tim, allegedly you can get the new episodes of Doctor who on Bittorrent…

    Kevin, for me B5 got good in season 2 + 3 (but was then ruined by not knowing about a 5th season and cramming all the resoultions into season 4).

    And as for Star Trek, I kind of know what you mean. I’ll watch it, but it’s never lit my fire.

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