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One For The Spellchecking Nazis

The latest beta version (3) of the Google Toolbar has a new feature that will excite our Spellcheck Nazi group of readers [looks at Pete]. A spellcheck toolbar button will now check spelling in form elements, eliminating any excuse (besides laziness) to comment with incorrectly spelled words.

Oh…another new feature of the Beta: turn street addresses listed on any page into links to online maps.

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5 Comments on One For The Spellchecking Nazis

  1. i may be a correct-spelling enthusiast or even, a “phanboi” of correctly spelled words, but to be called a “nazi” is way too harsh! it is not like i’m advocating that you poor spellers be put to death (perhaps, just severely flogged).

    English is my second language and I try to use to properly; don’t you think you should, at least, write coherently seeing how it is your FIRST…

  2. Spoken like a true native Texan. πŸ˜‰

  3. Can I answer ‘No’ to Pete’s question? πŸ™‚

  4. Spell checkers are no better than the person using them. I still recall the Columbus Dispatch article about the Native American tribal chief Geranium. :O

  5. Note that while Pete insists on quality spelling, grammar is optional.

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