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Reviving Literacy Through SF/F

The latest issue of Internet Review of Science Fiction (still accepting free subscription) is noe available. Contents:

  • Editorial: The Critical “I”: self-bias in review and analysis
  • Feature:Is Slipstream Just a Fancy Word for Voice?
  • Essay: Reviving Literacy through Science Fiction and Fantasy by Heidi Kneale
  • Essay: Dangerous Visions and Feet of Clay
  • Review: The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson: A Review in Three Acts: Part Three: Tertium Non Data
  • Review: In the Night Room by Peter Straub
  • Review: Short Fiction Reviews, April 2005
  • Review: The Cup of the World by John Dickinson

The Reviving Literacy piece is interesting. The solution? “Give a kid a science fiction book.” Here, here!

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