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Spoiler-Laden BG Impressions

The last US episode of Battlestar Galactica Season 1 aired tonight. I thought I would start a discussion for folks who have seen all of the epsiodes. Before reading any further, be warned:


My impressions of the last 3 episodes of BG.

Colonial Day: Excellent episode! Baltar as VP. I love it. This episode started a serious dive into hardcore space opera.

Kobol’s last Gleaming (Pt 1): Although a strong start (Gaius and Starbuck! Heh!), weaker overall, but still good.

Kobol’s last Gleaming (Pt 2): Very good, although some things were too convenient like Starbuck finding a landing site for the Cylon Raider offstage – it looked like it was supported by level piles of debris. Near the end, I was thinking, “OK…should be ending soon…what’s the surprise – BLAM! I did not see that coming.

Suspicions for future episodes:

  1. The prez is a Cylon. How else do you logically explain the mystic vision that just happens to match prophecy? Also, that a good way to keep the strong character after a mysterious remission of the cancer.
  2. Adama is a Cylon – assuming he did not survive the shooting, he better be. I want him back!

OK, I know, I know…I’m grasping here. Why not just add #3: Everyone is a damn Cylon! Yeah, that’s it!

Overall, I’d give the series a 4/5. Some things just don’t make sense to me other than for purposes of drawing out the drama and some things just cannot suspend my disbelief:

  1. The Cylons are (or were originally) bent on destroying humanity. So why not close in already? Can they not get Gaius to reveal the location? Or, can they not track whatever it is that’s in his head?
  2. To the viewer who sees Number 6, Gaius’ double-talk is believable and sometimes funny, sure. But how can the characters that do not see 6 take him seriously? The freakin’ guy talks to himself, for cryin’ out loud.
  3. A pregnant Cylon? That too much soap in my opera.
  4. There seemed to be a lot of attention on democracy and people’s rights, etc. But the reality of the situation is one of survival. The wages of a gardener on the getaway ship Cloud 9 are just too ridiculous to even consider by comparison.

But even with these drawbacks, Battlestar galactica was still a fun show to watch.

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6 Comments on Spoiler-Laden BG Impressions

  1. 1. Because the cylons Have A Plan.

    2. I think this is a lot more plausible than you do, I guess. Baltar is clearly eccentric, sure, but he’s also a certified genius, and everybody knows it. He’s the Colonial’s Stephen Hawking. He’s a household name. He’s automatically in a trusted position because of his reputation, but over the six weeks of the first season ? it is only six weeks, remember ? we see people like Adama and Roslin become steadily less patient with him. I think it works fine.

    3. It’s part of the Plan. Capital P.

    4. Did you happen to follow the recent Presidential election? In the middle of a world war, a very real fight for the survival of liberal Western democracy against a great evil, the economy was a hot-button issue. Jobs and wages will always be topical. In fact, given that “Colonial Day” was written during the summer of 2004, I thought it was kinda eerie that it so closely paralleled the political discourse that emerged that fall.

  2. So I found the way the two “races” observe religion to be extremely interesting. Combine that with the amount of living matter in the cylon raider – very odd that mix of organic and in-organic is a single craft. Boomer (mmmm Boomer) and the others like her are not just a human skin over the top an alloy frame like the Terminator. They are a combination and I would almost say an evolution of the cylons as a race. The whole ending had me IMing JP that night going through what happened. I would agree with the rating and I do look forward to seeing how they let the series play out…

  3. After watching the last episode, and seeing the ‘zinger’ at the end, my first impression was not ‘wow, they just lost their commander’, it was rather, ‘heh, guess Olmos only signed a one-year contract.’

    I hate to be jaded, but killing off characters seems like an easy and convenient way to add impact to the end of a season without really having to think too hard about story. I’m not saying I had a better plan for getting rid of him if he wasn’t planning to come back next season, but then again, I’m not a writer, just a crochety old cynic.

  4. Overall I was a little disppoined with the ending. The series started off with a bang and is starting to fall into predictability. Don’t know if I will continue to watch.

    1. The “we are vastly superior to humans but we want to be like them” storyline is getting old and predictable in sf.I am disappointed that BG is using it. But since they are using it how about spending as much time on the lives of the cylons as they do the humans. I would like to know more about them before considering them more than just machines with advanced software.

    2. The horny blonde sexpot is pretty adolescent and cliche but the way they use it is somewhat interesting. I wonder if Baltar is truelly a genius or has he been being manipulated by the cylons since day one. A genius could have developed an automated format for testing samples.

    3. The pregnant cylon. So cliche it’s making me seriously consider not watching anymore. Again, I am disappointed that BG is using it. How about just making it about these to sentient species competing to survive and who will win.

    4. I actually like this direction of the show. Instead of just showing cylon confrontation after cylon confrontation it makes the show more more intellectual for lack of a better term at 7:30am.

  5. Jean,

    In response:

    1. I never got the impression that the Cylons wanted to be like humans. To me, they have some other plan in mind. That’s the impression I get.

    2. Interesting thought. I don’t know, but my feeling is that Gaius was, if not a genius, then approaching MENSA territory before he met Six. They are, obviously, using him for some reason.

    3. Again, I see this as part of the Cylon plan, and again, to me, I see it as being more than the standard ‘merge with the creator’ storyline. But I’ll reserve judgement for the moment.

    4. I too like the direction of the show. Season 2 needs to explore the Cylons more and discuss what their overall goal is. I hate being in the dark.

  6. I think this is just the plot device that finally allows them to do what I always suggested they do – reuse the footage of Lorne Greene from Bonanza superimposed into the new Battlestar Gallactica. Just imagine what it will be like :

    “The gold rush was over, gone like a soap bubble in the sun. The Gallactica was just as it has always been. And we went home.”

    – This requires the dubbing of the word “Gallatica” over the word “Ponderosa”, but that’s pretty easily done. Oh, and they’ll have to have a plot involving gold – Cylons probably need gold for some part of their shiny metal bodies. The fact that it runs out helps explain why they did away with shiny metal bodies in favor of no-talen hacks who continue to act like they are in the shiny metal suits. Or something.

    “One place or another, there’ll always be a Mark Burdette, and for every one like him who makes it, a thousand will fail. But then, what are thousand to one odds for a man who looks up into the sky and sees… a bonanza!”

    – Of course this requires they make a new character named Mark Burdette, but that shouldn’t be too hard – they can get one of the kida from Menudo not already in BG and allow him to take some improbable risk that pans out. In this episode Mark will discover that playing Slim Whitman really loud causes Cylons to explode. This would seem to result in an easy ending to the show until Adama bans the playing of Slim Whitman, even in self-defense, because it gives him “one stampede of a headache.”

    Apollo “Let’s go back to the Ponderosa, Pa. This isn’t any of our affair.”

    Adama: “We can’t ignore the rest of the universe. We’re the only stabilizing influence.”

    – I think at this point they should just go ahead and rename the Gallactica the Ponderosa – it will really save a lot of dubbing. Oh, and in this episode the crew will stumble across a planet where the development is only to the level that earth was in early 1800’s. I think you can see the hijinks that will ensue already!

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