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Superman II: Restored International Cut

As seen in Entertainment Weekly, the Superman Cinema website has made available a freely downloadable “Restored International Cut” of Superman II.

Although Richard Donner filmed Superman II I and Superman II simultaneously, he was let go after the premiere of the first film. Fans who demanded a Donner-restored version of Superman II were somewhat appeased in the ’80s when Warner Bros. put together an extended international TV version containing the extra Donner footage. The Restored International Cut is the result of patching togerther videotaped clips of that TV braodcast sent in from fans around the globe.

I just went to the website. The Restored International Cut has been removed at the “request” of Warner Bros. The DVD artwork is still downloadable, though.

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5 Comments on Superman II: Restored International Cut

  1. He filmed Superman II and Superman II at the same time? Wow! That must have been really difficult!

  2. Yeah, he was only able to do it because Superman flew around the world really fast thus making time flow in reverse.

    (Fixed, JA!) 8o|

  3. Cinefantastique (way back when) had a great article on how Donner got screwed in the whole process of making the movies.

    I really loved the first part of Superman (I), when Clark is young. The scenes between him and Glenn Ford were excellent. The movie was fun, if campy, but those scenes really took the apple pie.

  4. es genial, tengo ganas de verlo

  5. The Richard Donner Cut of Superman 2 aired one night on Turner  classic movies.  But it was misleading when it was on TV. Scenes like the kid in Texas being killed by Non and Non unable to enter the Fortress along with Superman destroying the Fortress at the end were missing from the DVD. Now I understand that TV versions are different and have extra footage, but in this case TCM should be sued. Putting the Lester cut version of Superman 2 on TV and simply calling it Superman 2 and adding in all the footage mentioned above is one thing. That would be fine. But putting the Richard Donner Cut on TV and adding footage to it when that’s not the movie you get when you buy it is flat out wrong and shameful. However there is hope! And the hope is the International Version which has everything you need that these idiots(The powers that be) refuse to make available on a regular  basis!

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