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A Bit of Zen

My usual line about Star Wars, used to explain the inevitable deflation one experiences when seeing one of the prequels, is “Hey, it’s not Shakespeare.” I borrowed this statement from someone, but I thought it accurately described the situation.

However, a recent issue of Time magazine, covering Star Wars, contains an article by Richard Corliss that says:

“Anakin even has a bit of Shakespearean resonance; the conflicted Hamlet finding the gasping pride of Macbeth, the noble assassin Brutus festering into the yellow-eyed Titus Andronicus.”

Yikes! Apparently Star Wars is like Shakespeare. Not!

“O fanboy, fanboy! Wherefore art thou, fanboy?” Apparently writing for Time magazine!

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  1. “Hey, it’s not Shakespeare.”

    And apparently, neither is Time. What, Entertainment Weekly not enough for you?

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