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Fiction and Science

A Washington Times article talks about the inspirational effects that science fiction has had on scientists. Some quotes from the article.

“The best science fiction inspires the imagination of the best scientists, no matter how old they are.” – Tomi Landis, executive producer of The Science of Stars Wars

If science fiction is good, it’s a logical extension of the world and has the likelihood of happening, says Jim Halperin, author of science-fiction novels The Truth Machine and The First Immortal.

The best science-fiction authors seldom try to predict the future, says David Brin. It’s an indirect result of their creativity.

A good read.

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  1. I can see Star Wars having an effect on pop culture, and instilling sense-of-wonder into entertainment, but claiming it has had any any effect on science is just rubbish. Robotics are comic relief at best and war machines at worst. Cloning and body enhancement are exclusively tools of evil. Antigrav tech appears cheap and plentiful, but far too many people end up hanging onto ledges or falling from high places.

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