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Ode To Trek

James Lileks has written his observations on the ending of Star Trek. Its a good read, and James covers each series in his usuall funny, geeky style.

Like him, I too like the original Enterprise the best, and I had lighted model kit of it the I built and hung in my room. It was fricken’ huge and look extremely cool lighted, especially in the dark, and when you’re 12. Regardless of how you feel about ST, especially the later incarnations, the original series, and TNG at times, was able to showcase all the cool stuff about SF. You had cool ships, space battles (even if all the ships are oriented the same way), aliens, new planets, the thrill of discovering new things, etc. It’s a shame the shows devolved into rehashes of each other, with technobabble being used instad of real discussions, and real SF being given short shrift in the stories.

I didn’t like Enterprise that much. I stopped after 3 episodes of the first series. I see the James here is touting the last season as an homage to all things Trek. I did see the two parter, A Mirror, Darkly (in which we see events and characters from Enterprise in the ‘evil’ universe from the original show), and it wasn’t too bad. I may have to find them on the remaining Bittorrent sites and check it out. Harrr.

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  1. I watched only a few episodes of the first season of Enterprise and then quit but started watching it again somewhere in the middle of the last season and started thinking that it was pretty good and that it was too bad that it had been cancelled just when it was getting good.

    I’ve never understood why some people complain so much about the show recycling ideas from earlier series. I sort of like that they do that sometimes as long as there’s not a problem with continuity. For example, if something was supposed to have been encountered for the first time in Kirk’s or Picard’s time and they show Archer having to deal with it I would find that seriously aggravating.

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