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One for Bruce Campbell Fans

As reported in the Houston Chronicle, Bruce Campbell is promoting a book, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. His promotional tour stops in Houston on July 6.

In addition to his first novel, Campbell will be promoting the first feature film he has directed, Man With the Screaming Brain. Part 1 of Dark Horse Comics’ four-part comic book adaptation of the film went on sale earlier this month.

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  1. I am looking for a science-fiction short story I read some forty years ago, either in Playboy or Pentouse (I was a teenager) The main character was near death and the only way he could continue living was to purchase “time” from other people in order to stay alive. He could buy a minute or an hour to keep living from someone who had years of time left. I hoping you have heard of it, by who it is written etc.

    My company is 2nd Star Films and I’d like to produce a short based on this story. Can you help?

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