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Sith and all that jazz

So unless you have been under a rock or missed the massive marketing campaign surrounding the release of the latest Star Wars movie, it showed up in theatres starting last night. And as a fanboy (who was surrounded by fellow fanboys – JP, John and others), we went to see the film today. Overall, I liked the action sequences and felt it was about a 2.5 star film. I would bump it to three if they would have ripped out the whole romance part since that dialog was horrendous. I swear it made me sick just watching it, but luckily that is such a short part of the movie.

I do have a few nitpicks mostly over the whole last fight and if you are not into spoilers (Anakin == Darth Vader) I would skip the part below…

Order 66, I guess I need somebody to explain where that came from? I understand it was the call to kill the jedi, but I would have to question why would a set of soldiers abandon the leaders that were helping them during a battle?? And wouldn’t some of these soldiers have question that order? I mean couldn’t they “arrest” the rogue jedi? They can be copies, but are they mindless too??

So Obi Wan and Anakin are fighting inside a relatively safe room with plenty of room – then they go outside to where there is lava??? Why? Obi-Wan retreats across a tightrope type structure to fight out on some giant metal thing hanging in the lava. That is how the jedi train for combat???

Then later on at the pivotal part, Obi Wan says (and I love this) “Don’t do it Anakin, I have the high ground.” Boy, I wished somebody had said that to Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg. I do understand the need to make the transformation from Anakin the whiney one to Darth Vader the bad ass, but still.

Anyways I am sure there is more, but I will let others jump in here and render their opinions…

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  1. Some of your questions are answered in the Matthew Stover’s novelization.

    Order 66 was a pre-programmed response built into the clones when they were created. The order lied dormant until Sidious was ready to unleash the final blow to the Jedi. In this case, they were mindless ? Order 66 superseded any rational thought.

    Moving out onto the lava was indeed silly, and something that was there purely to move Anakin from raw to extra crispy. But note that all the movies contain silly things like that. Also in Episode III, in the opening space battle ? why didn’t Obi Wan just use the force to flick away the pesky buzz droids? I tend to expect these sorts of oversights in the SW movies so they don’t bother me so much. I’m in it for the eye candy.

    The novelization was based on an early revision of the script and it appears to me that some scenes were cut from the movie. So I noticed a couple of differences between the novelization and the film. First off, the conversion of Anakin to the Dark Side was, as I expected, not very believable in the movie. The book explained a lot more about Anakin wrestling with his inner demons. Second, the book’s sub-plot about Amidala and other Senators forming a covert group to depose the Chancellor was dropped from the film. Also dropped: Obi Wan’s visit to Amidala which, in the movie, is mentioned in passing by Amidala’s “Obi Wan is worried about you” line. In the novelization, Obi Wan was there to warn Amidala about Anakin. At the same time, the Chancellor hinted that to Anakin that Obi Wan and Amidala were, shall we say, very friendly with one another. That’s the reason Anakin was so ticked off that Obi Wan was there and that helped push him further to the dark side. As I expected, the book was better able to fill in the character’s motivations better than the film, something I expect Stover got from Lucas. Having read the book, the patchy backgrounders weren’t that much of a problem for me in the film. It was really nice to see the action played out on screen. All told, this was the best 6 bucks I spent this week.

    Oh, and I’d give the movie a 4 out of 5.

  2. Better than the last two, certainly, but I’d have to rank it fourth after Empire, New Hope, and ROTJ (in that order). The sad part about whiney Anakin was that he was *still* whiney after he got his Vader outfit. First thing out of his mouth: “Where’s Padme?” C’mon, you just strangled her. Shut up and be evil.

  3. Darche Vader // May 23, 2005 at 8:22 am //

    Overall: Very dark. As a father of a 4 year old, I found the killing of the younglings most disturbing.

    Two points of critique: When Sideous fought the 4 Jedi in his chambers, you would have thought Master Windu would have brought his best Jedi with him and there would have been more of a challenge. And Vaders “noooooo” at the end was poorly acted. Waste some film and get it right.

    Also some questions 1. Was it Plaguaris, Sideous’ Master, or Sideous himself that originally ordered the Clones. 2. Did anyone else get the idea that Anakin was actually created by Plaguaris, who could manipulate the Midiclorians to create life? Remember, in Ep1, there was “no father”.

  4. Cynthisa // May 23, 2005 at 9:06 pm //

    Hey, its Monday, May 23rd and I’ve already seen “Revenge of the Sith” twice (and I’m not even a massive SW fan, but hey – it was 117 degrees out and the theater was air conditioned!) Actually, I’m definitely old-school (nothing matches the original “Star Wars” – in terms of overall plot, character development, role of FX, etc. ‘Course, I was 10 when it came out and so the impression made was pretty indelible). ANYHOW, reason I’m writing: I’m trying to find a complete list of the movie “homages” Lucas put into ROTS – I noticed a number of them, but haven’t found any other info on it on the Net, which surprises me. So – here’s what I found; would like to hear from others if I’ve missed some (I’m not a huge cinema buff, so its entirely possible that I did!) Thanks! Cynthisa PS – You can also check out my pix of opening night (public) lines, crowds, costumes, etc. at, Community, search under “Cynthisa”. That was a fun night. So, my list (no spoilers, I think….:

    1. Tarzan (Wookies attacking on their home planet) [obvious]

    2. Frankenstein (Anakin in Darth Vader’s outfit – [obvious and much


    3. Space Odysse 2001 (Yoda climbing thru tunnel at Jedi Temple)

    4. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (Yoda and ObiWan [I think,

    forget exactly who’s with Yoda at that point] coming over hill

    looking down into “valley” at a large space craft a la Dreyfus’s

    first veiw of ship on the mesa in CEOT3rdK)

    5. Several to “Star Wars” – but obviously not verifiable and also,

    probably not intentional (?) (The whole “I’ve got a bad feeling

    about this”, etc. – which apparently appears in all films).

    (Tho, Yoda dropping into the sled below the Senate is the one

    I’m thinking of – a la Luke coming out of Cloud City after

    losing his hand. Which reminds me – what’s Lucas got against

    hands – there’s sure a lot chopping of hands in these movies.

    Yeah, I know – dangers of using light sabers and all…..)

    6. E.T. – When Yoda boards his little ship and the other 2 watch it

    take off.

    7. 50’s Monster Movie?? When the “Droid Lord” [Grevious? not sure

    of name?] – in the elevator shaft he cackles and curls his

    fingers a la Igor or some other movie mad-man / mad scientist

    type that I can’t place precisely… But, I think its from one

    of those classic 1950’s monster movies – from Frankenstein?

    Bride of Frankenstien? Dracula? The classic villianous “nyah-ha-

    ha” moment as it were…..

    8. Others – wondering if there are possible “scenes” from others

    that I just couldn’t put my finger on (which probably means not,

    but anyway)…. Possible others: Blade Runner, The 5th Element,

    Metropolis, ….???

    Let me know if you find any others!

    Ok, thanks for humoring me! – cyn

  5. Not exactly an answer, but related, is the list of “Easter Egss” in Episode III.

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