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Space: 1889

You read that right.

From NoiseMonster Studios comes the CD audio drama Space: 1889 billed as “Science fiction adventure in a more civilized time.” Also from the site:

Space: 1889 is an exciting new series of full-cast audio adventures on CD. Set in a fantastic alternate universe where Thomas Edison discovered a means to travel in to space (or the ‘ether’ as it is known). 19th Century man has escaped the confines of his own planet. In an insatiable quest to expand their empires, conquer new territory and discover new wonders, the nations of Earth have set foot on new worlds.Mars, home of an ancient but declining culture, has become the new battleground for Earth’s empires and a lure for adventurers, treasure-seekers and explorers.

Two episodes are available for purchase, Red Devils (featuring Anthony Daniels of Star Wars; hear a sample) and Steppes of Thoth.

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11 Comments on Space: 1889

  1. Wow,

    That’s actually based on an old roleplaying game I fiddled with back in my high school days.

    You can find more info about that here:

  2. Fred Kiesche // May 19, 2005 at 9:07 am //

    I first came across this on eBay (where one of my searches is “Space: 1889”).

    For a while there were plans for a Space: 1889 television series. There was a website up (probably still is somewhere) with production drawings and the like. They supposedly had a bunch of scripts, a lot of model work and the like done…just needed money and a network committment.

    It would have been great!

    Loved the RPG, by the way. We adventured to the caves of the Moon, fought various Europeans in Darkest Africa, crossed the US by steamship rail, went to Mars and more! Good stuff!

  3. I love steam punk sci fi. I never played the RPG, but I love the whole concept of futuristic adventures using steam powered tech. Steamboy was great for that reason and I have some other games that also fit into this genre. I will have to check it out…

  4. Oh and dont forget that John will now claim that this entry is so superior to yours JP. Darned elitist pig dog… KEEL DEM ALL!!!

  5. I’m not saying that this is a higher quality post, but you will notice that the other one has no replies. You do the math.:-$

  6. When I post, there’s nothing left to say!

  7. Once again I’m just about to delete a duplicate blog entry when some good discussion ensues and makes me reluctant to delete it. Oh well…

    Hey did you guys know this cool new movie is coming out today called Star Wars? You might want to check it out. I bet there is a web site somewhere with details.

  8. What is this “Star Wars” of which you speak?

  9. Heh. 😀

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