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Charles Stross’ Accelerando website, devoted to his book that strings together 9 stories featuring the Macx family, is now open. The free eBook download will be available soon.

One thing I noticed on the site that cheered me up was this bit after the Harriet Klausner review blurb:

(I’d take this review with a pinch of salt. Harriet means well, but her output of 3-5 reviews per day should speak for itself. I include it here in the interests of completeness.)

Heh. But three to five a day? More like 30-50. Don’t get me started.

[From Charlie Stross‘ Diary]

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5 Comments on Accelerando

  1. Accelerando is now available for downloading from

    Have fun!

    — Charlie

  2. I hope he does the same with some of the others. I’ve been on the fence with “Iron Sunrise”, given my disappointment with the earlier work. I’d like to read at least a bit of it before buying the hardback.

    Stross, Doctorow and Baen Books are doing a lot of good by doing this. I hope other authors join the trend. eBooks, I think, help sales, not hurt them!

  3. For what it’s worth, Fred, I enjoyed Iron Sunrise more than Singularity Sky.

  4. This just in (via False Positives): Wikipedia has an Accelerando Technical Companion which, as of today, only has the gloassary part filled in.

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