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Anime Rentals

Ever wanted to check out this thing called Anime but were afraid to? Does NetFlix not have the title you are interested in? Well, say goodbye to your anime troubles forever, there’s a new DVD rental company on the block, called RentAnime. Basically, its a NetFlix clone, only specializing in anime titles. They claim to have every anime title available in the US. Pricing is similar to NetFlix (if a bit more) and they have a free trial offer which I will be availing myself of to check them out.

If you’re interested in some good SF anime, check out: Cowboy Bebop, Planetes, Last Exile, Scrapped Princess and Castle in the Sky. There is, of course, more, but that should get you started.

A long queue with no waiting to Hacking Netflix for the link.

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4 Comments on Anime Rentals

  1. 😀 I am a huge fan of anime and wouled like to rent them online

  2. Rentanime has a large selection of titles, but if you want a movie you’ll have to wait until they get there 1 copy back from the previous viewer…..

  3. I am a huge fan of the use of a dictionary.


  4. Michelle // July 31, 2007 at 1:40 pm //

    I’ve done searches on their website to get a feel for their content and they have a terrible selection. I’ve searched for both popular, common titles and hard-to-find ones and been disappointed both ways. I don’t recommend.

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