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Gigapixel digital cameras

You think you’re the man with your new 8- or 16-megapixel digital camera?

Bah, I say – you got nothin’! These folks have a 4-gigapixel digital camera with 4 billion pixels.

These images are huge – 24GB each as a raw file – but luckily have been rendered down to a little smaller files for ease of use. The site also discusses the issues with getting these massive images printed in a way that maintains the detail. Overall, a great use of technology.

The images are awesome – check them out in the gallery.

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  1. Hi –

    You need to take a closer look: it’s not a digital camera as such, but rather a large format camera that uses film to make the initial exposure. It’s a modified 9″*18″ ex-military aerial camera that uses a special vacuum back to ensure the very highest quality imaging that can be achieved outside of the military. even tells you the type of film used: Kodak SO-846.

    Not to denigrate the mention or the quality of the shots they have: it’s a fantastic technological effort and I really, really wish I had one!


  2. Our research digital gigapixel camera is shown in this site:

    The camera scans the image plane of a large format camera using a digital sensor

    and in capable of acquiring images that are larger than one gigapixel in size without needing to move

    the lens.

    The camera is a research prototype used mostly to capture art and cultural heritage artifacts.

    it is not a commercial product.





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