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Google to rescue Hollywood?

If you’ve been hanging around JP, John, or I in the last couple of weeks you’ve heard one or all of us lament the lack of access to TV shows on demand on the web. Why aren’t all of ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox’s* shows available for on demand viewing on the web? I know I’d certainly watch – complete with commercials – if I got to see episodes of shows I’ve missed.

Well, it turns out Google might be coming to the rescue of the various Hollywood groups that can’t seem to figure out technology. Google has a beta version of its video search feature up, and while it doesn’t include the actual videos yet, it looks like they are going to (see the question about playing the videos.) From the About page, you can see some details about where they would like to take the service.

It is pretty raw right now, but it definately has promise.

* I think we all know why the WBs shows aren’t available :).

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