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Man’s Best (Zombie) Friend

In a creepy story that presages the eventual collapse of civilization due to the zombie hordes, scientists in the US have created zombie dogs. One wonders whether the dogs usualy behavior of eating out of the cat box has been replaced with a penchant for brains, cat or otherwise….

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3 Comments on Man’s Best (Zombie) Friend

  1. The article at Fox News said that not all of the dogs were brought back to normal, some suffering brain damage. As for experimenting on humans, I can’t imagine anyone, but the terminally ill, volunteering for this.

    The eco-terrorists at PETA were no doubt outraged, but who cares about what a bunch of hypocrites think…

  2. I think the main statement here is this:

    However rather than sending people to sleep for years, then bringing them back to life to benefit from medical advances, the boffins would be happy to keep people in this state for just a few hours,

    But even this should be enough to save lives such as battlefield casualties and victims of stabbings or gunshot wounds, who have suffered huge blood loss.

    And that is a pretty good idea given the state of the world these days. If they can perfect it, think about how many wounded folks would survive the transport from a crash or battlezone to a medical facility where surgery can be performed to save them.

  3. Did they use wostershire sauce as an emballing fluid? That always makes things go bad…

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