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Who’s Got Rocket Feet? InfraMan!

Here’s a 3 minute movie trailer for InfraMan.

“The man beyond bionics, six million light years beyond believability. Is he man or machine? Electronic circuits integrated with living cells in the living body of a man! Powered by nuclear energy! InfraMan! You won’t believe your eyes! You won’t believe your ears! You won’t believe your mind!”

I guess he truly is “the Ultimate Spectacle”: he’s got rocket feet. Seriously, this is like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers…on Ritalin.

UPDATE: It gets better. Apparently he has Thunderbolt Fists.

[Link via Backwards City]

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4 Comments on Who’s Got Rocket Feet? InfraMan!

  1. This movie is hysterical! I saw this IN THE THEATER when I was a kid. The villainess is called Princess Dragon Mom, and she has rubbersuited henchmen that resemble the bad guys from Pufnstuf.

    Does anyone have a copy of the overdubbed Dynaman from Night Flight?

  2. The book Creature Features: The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movie Guide has this to say about InfraMan:

    Kids will cheer the wonderful menagerie of extraterrestrial creatures, the kung fu fighting and other comic book elements of the is Asian mishmash. Adults may become fascinated watching this awfulness carried to ultra-ludicrous extremes as a super-powerful hero in funny clothing (he’s a bionic man!) fights a dragon lady (Dragon Mom) who sends these boggling creatures ? Octopus Man, Beetle Man etc. ? out from her headquarters in the bowels of the Earth to do battle. It Came From Hong Kong. Rating:

    Daniel also saw this one and has fond memories of it. Hmmm, with all the positive remarks, I’m suddenly wanting to see this. Or not.

    Jeff: I can’t say I’ve seen Dynaman, though it looks quite scary.

  3. I was not aware they were on DVD. Excellent.

  4. I think “Manos, The Hands of Fate” has got some serious competition and Runme Shaw is the Ed Wood of Hong Kong.

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