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A Sneak Peek at the Fall 2005 TV Season

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, aside from needing a less cumbersome name (sorry, the Seattlt P-I nickname sounds more like a 70’s cop show than a newspaper name), has a sneak peek at the upcoming science fiction & horror shows premiering on TV this fall. Their critic also considers the reasons for this burst of “genre programming”. (Yes, JP, Lost is considered. :))

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2 Comments on A Sneak Peek at the Fall 2005 TV Season

  1. Those don’t sound very good at all — guess I won’t be missing much without my satellite, at least not SF-wise.

    Since I know next to nothing about these shows, here are my judging-a-book-by-its-cover impressions:

    Surface: Babe factor looks high, I hope this will carry the show for the season — or at least a couple of episodes. Seeing how water is involved, maybe we’ll get to see some skin — but not likely given its 7PM timeslot. 🙁

    Supernatural: Ex-transgenic and the not-so-bright boyfriend of the Gilmore Girls chick? Most likely another formulaic show from the WB and since it is WB, I bet the dad killed the mom and send the boys out look for nothing so he can shack up with the babysitter from next door. Or is that FOX?

    Invasion: Scary things in a swamp? Listen, the only scary thing in FL after a hurricane is your insurance adjuster!

    The Night Stalker: i thought the futon critic said 60 minutes was canceled. What could be more weird than a bunch of geezers doing the news? I’m sure they’re all pretty heroic, but it will get scary when they realize the memo was done by a word processor instead of the an old typewriter…

    Ghost Whisperer: Huh? Didnt FOX just canceled a showed like this last season called Tru Calling which was truly awful except for the Truly Smokin’ Eliza Dushku? Here, instead of the Exceptionally Hot Eliza, we have the not-even-lukewarn Jennifer Love Hewitt! Can you see the thinking there? Horse Whisperer-Horse-JLH… * whisper: c a n c e l e d *

    Threshold: What happens when they finds out what happened on the ship? Or will Gilligan come out and screws thing up so they have to start over again?

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