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Audio Stories, For Free

The Spoken Alexandria Project is a library of free, Creative Commons tagged, audio stories for your enjoyment. They come in a variety of flavors, including podcasts. The first story listed is an SF short story by Kelly Link called Most of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water. I need some of those, most of my friends are two thirds rocks. At least in the cranial area.

This is an excellent use of technology and more open copyright rules. I’d like to see more authors do this, even if its just extracts of their novels. More exposure is a good thing.

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2 Comments on Audio Stories, For Free

  1. i wont a story audio to strong my english .

    i live in iraq

  2. Folks:

    Just wanted to spread the word that I recently added an audio page to my blog that features numerous stories, poems and commentaries culled from my 25 years as a professional author.  Most of the pieces are accompanied by theme and incidental music, giving them a polished, produced sound.

    Hope you’ll pop in for a listen.


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