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eBooks For Dummies

Unified SciFi Forums has a Beginner’s Guide for Reading eBooks that tells you everything you wanted to know about eBooks but were afraid to ask (about the software, handhelds, eBook source sites and buying them).

[Link via Mobileread]

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4 Comments on eBooks For Dummies


    This is the kind of thing that will have most book companies fearing eBooks…

  2. Not that it hurt sales much.

  3. I downloaded one off the Internet the other day, but I think there’s something wrong with it. For one thing, it was titled, “Hairy Pothead, the Half-Baked Prince.” That whole Internet piracy thing is BAD BAD BAD…

  4. dang it, i just got another one, this time it’s “Harriet Klausner, and her Half-Read Prints.” I should just go buy the damn thing…

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