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Farewell, Scotty…

Just read this on FOXNews, I’m sure someone else here who is a bigger Trekkie than me, can write a better tribute. – Peter

James Doohan, the actor behind the beloved engineer on Star Trek, wishes his ashes launched into space as was done with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Don’t get too excited though, NASA isn’t being asked to carry it up on a shuttle – a private company launches them up on missiles.

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  1. I edited the entry above to include a little news for those who were aware of his death (I assume Peter wasn’t) but not about the request for space burial.

  2. Beam me up Scotty will only live on in our memories…


    A WWII D-day veteran and apparent wildman (who knew?

    the man had a kid at 80! we should all have that many

    photon torpedoes!) passed away today. This brief

    article told me more about him than I ever knew. I’ll

    have to go looking for his book now…

  3. P.s. forgot one thing…apparently Beam me up Scotty was never actually uttered in the original series. It was once in the cartoon version (anyone having seen that is seriously old…like us πŸ™‚ )

  4. A rather odd finish to this one.

    I (and many others) misunderstood the intent of the rocket that launched the ashes of Jimmy Doohan and 200 others into space earlier this month. It crashed back to earth on May 12th, but this was what they were going for. Apparently the goal was to shoot it into space, but have it return and then recovered so that all 200 families would have a momento (the ashes) that had been in space. The rocket was recovered earlier today and the families will soon get their loved ones remains returned to them.

    I’ll defer any comment on the supreme waste of money and energy that went into launching ashes into space temporarily. Oh wait, no I won’t.

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