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Not that I have anything against PDF format or anything, but MobileRead points us to a handy site called PDF Online that will convert PDF files to HTML in addition to converting a variety of formats into PDF. According to MobileRead:

…you can also upload an existing PDF file to receive back its HTML version via E-Mail (only restriction: 2MB size limit).

I’m just sayin’.

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5 Comments on PDF Online

  1. I always thought PDF stood for Pretty Damn F-kup. To call it annoying would be an understatement, but alas, websites just love pumping this crap out…

  2. Here, here! I totally hate when convention sites use this as the only means to access their information. PDF should be used for scanning in old documents that aren’t in digital format. Anything else is just torture.

  3. I want to amend my previous comment regarding the PDF format — I now believe that it stands for Pile of Dog Feces. Picture this, you’re just surfing around looking at things — and WHAM! you clicked on a link not knowing that it’s a PDF — it feels like you just stepped on dog sh*t! Everything stops, your browser hangs and the one way to fix it is to kill everything!

    Thanks a freaking million Adobe! Hmmm, adobe — bricks made from clay and straw… i wonder if they make it out of doggy poop and too?

  4. Another “format” that I postively hate is RealPlayer — it’s a RealPainInMyRear!! The streaming video never works and the quality sucks.

  5. Another good free source to PDF converter at

    It can also convert back PDF to DOC and also support hyperlinks.

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