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SFSignal the Podcast?

Podcasting or home made radio shows – they are now a main part of iTunes 4.9. So I pose a question to you, our readers, would you be interested in hearing a podcast from our contributors? I was thinking it would be sort of a panel discussion once or twice a month on a given topic and then we would post that baby up. I have mentioned it ot JP and John, and they have indicated that there are other Sci-Fi Podcasts. But, I still think we could offer something new – or at least a few minutes of us accusing each other of being fanboys for something or another…

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  1. It would be like the opposite of when you see Radio DJ’s and you think “his voice doesn’t suit his looks”, except it would be “Wow that squeaky voice doesn’t suit the in depth books reviews…” 😉

  2. I think a podcast by you guys would be fun to listen to….

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