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Tonight’s The Night!

As every self-respecting fanboy knows, tonight Battlestar Galactica starts its second season. “But!”, I hear exclaim, “I misses season one and I want to be a fanboy like you! What can I do?”. Very simple. TV Squad has a 4 part primer on all the nougaty SF goodness you missed in season 1. Check it out, get up to speed, then set your inner fanboy to ‘stunned’ for tonight’s opening!

H/T to the Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog for the link!

Update: BG starts at 9C tonight. I use CDT because that’s where I am…

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  1. Yes, tonight’s the night! Harry Potter is coming out! Oh, wait a minute…

    BSG, SG-1 and Atlantis. It’s back to fighting with my wife and daughter over the TV!

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