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What to get that fanboy with everything?

This tends to be a big problem for so many of us here at SFSignal. Our friends and significant others are often perplexed on what gifts they should acquire for us here. We have seen several different options for what you could acquire, but now you can get them something functional and Star Wars themed thanks to our friends at Etchamac.

Link courtesy of Tuaw.

2 Comments on What to get that fanboy with everything?

  1. Greedo’s Comeuppance

    I ordered my Han Shot First shirt from ThinkGeek, on a tip from sfsignal. Of course, that’s the real problem, why it’s so difficult to find gifts, is that we just won’t wait for someone to buy this stuff for us. Damn geeks.

  2. You can always get them this. Some assembly is required, or so I’ve heard…

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