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Windows Update Now Requires Piracy Check

In an effort to stem piracy of its Windows software, Microsoft now requires a validation check before proceeding with the update feature. Users of Windows Update will be asked to install an ActiveX control to do the anonymous validation client side. Users who find that they have an invalid copy of Windows can provide some information (proof and source of purchase) for a free copy of Windows or, if that info is not available, they will be offered Windows at a discounted price. Microsoft is not including security updates in the lock-out.

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4 Comments on Windows Update Now Requires Piracy Check

  1. And those crazy hacker kids out there have already found a workaround.

    Gosh I love technology – the stronger the protection the faster it is removed 🙂

  2. bah, i feel so dumb — i didnt know it was cracked until today when I read it on the INQ.

    But then, I’m not as dumb as the Micro$oft devs who implemented this — you gotta be kidding me, the whole thing is based on one Javascript line?

    Billy G would be spinning in his grave (if he were dead) considering how he was touting Windows will be so much more secure now…

  3. I tried the above method and it works for the first time. When I repeated the update with the same javasript line, Windows brought me to their Windows Validation website and stated: “To get updates, you must first validate your Windows software. Validation assures that you are using an authentic and fully licensed copy of Windows.”

    Any explaination and any new cracks?

  4. Probably.

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