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Advent Children

So I am watching the intro trailers on the Steamboy Directors Edition I recieved from Netflix, and I see a trailer for this movie. And as I am watching the trailer, I am thinking man that looks alot like a Final Fantasy movie with Cloud and other characters from the game. Lo and behold it was a trailer for a movie based on that property, the visuals look great but will it turn out to be like that other Final Fantasy movie.

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  1. To be fair, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was really a much better movie than it was given credit for. Sure, it wasn’t great, but it shared many of the same themes as the games, and it was really quite pretty. It’s basically what you would have if you made a movie of a summary of a Final Fantasy game- there just wasn’t enough time for character development in the usual Squeenix way in a movie format.

    Advent Children is a sequel to FFVII, to be released straight to DVD. I think this is so they can largely avoid the whole issue with character development as all the characters will be already established in the minds of most of the people who bother to rent/buy the movie, who will likely already be fans of the game.

  2. Spirits within was a tech demo for me- it really demonstrated what some talented artists could do with technology, and the story really took a back seat. Given that this was done by some top notch talent in Japan who have a history of doing great things storywise, it was not very well fleshed out. I have watched a fair amount of anime and I have seen great work from a story with marginal art. This went the other way in my opinion. I watch it for the visuals not for the story…

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