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Amazon Shorts

Amazon Shorts is now selling downloadable short fiction for 49 cents. As of right now there are only seven SF/F titles:

  1. “The Inheritance” by by Robin Hobb
  2. “The Second Coming of Charles Darwin” by James Morrow
  3. “The War of Dogs and Boids : A Coyote Story” by Allen M. Steele
  4. “Upon Stepping from the Shower” by Gregory Frost
  5. “Of Fire and Night” by Kevin J. Anderson
  6. “The Stickpin” by Walter Jon Williams
  7. “Hide and Seek” by Mary Rosenblum

On the page for the individual titles, the website has this to say about Amazon Shorts:

  • Amazon Shorts are available exclusively at; you will not find them anywhere else.
  • Amazon Shorts are delivered electronically; there are no printed editions.
  • Amazon Shorts are yours forever – after purchase, you can read them anytime at (They’ll be stored forever in your Digital Locker in PDF, HTML, and text e-mail formats.)
  • You are free to print Amazon Shorts to read in hard copy form at your convenience.

[Link via Locus Online]

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  1. SF author John Scalzi has an in-depth look at the pros and cons for readers and writers.

  2. And author/editor Gardner Dozois also weighs in at Asimov’s forums. [Link via Tobias S. Buckell]

  3. Hi there,

    Since Aug 2005 there have been more short sci-fi stories. I’ve downloaded a few but the best is “The Pre-Offender”.


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