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Calamari In Spaaaaace!

No really, Talking Squids in Outer Space is just that. A web site devoted to squids in SF. I have to admit that my squid SF reading is sadly lacking. Although, I have read Manifold: Time and the first two books in the Rifters Series by Peter Watts, and squids were in Galaxy Quest? I must have missed them or, more likely, have forgotten.

Who knew that cephalodpods were so versatile? A tasty (so I’m told) appetizer and intrepid space explorers. Not bad for a creature with no spine!

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3 Comments on Calamari In Spaaaaace!

  1. Well, they miss at least one “squids in space” book, Childhood’s End by Clarke.

    If you want to expand it to squids in SF, then they also missed a couple of Clarke short stories, plus the novels Deep Range, The Ghost from Grand Banks and Dolphin Island as well.

    I think Lester Del Rey’s Attack from Atlantis may have had some squid in it as well.

    I’ll bet that Jack Williamson and Fred Pohl’s “Undersea” trilogy had a squid or three, but I haven’t read them since the early 1970’s, so the details are more than a tad fuzzy at this point.

  2. Oh yes. Never poke a squid in the ink sac. It’s a law of the sea.

    (Parent’s may understand where that comes from.)

  3. [NOTE: Vonda N. McIntyre, sf author and owner of Talking Squids in Outer Space sent this via email – John]

    I’m always glad to have new titles for Talking Squids in Outer Space. Email me titles, quotations, URLs of excerpts or ebooks, squid sightings, and I’ll add them as soon as I can.

    Some of the books don’t have talking squids in outer space, but employ cephalopods in more general capacities (that’s why there’s a Talking Squids in Outer Space section and a Here Be Squids section). I’m fond of the critters and didn’t want to leave any out.

    New on Talking Squids: News reports from the real world (the Squid News link on the home page).



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