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Chasing Mars

We have several interesting sites for you today, all involving Mars.

First up, The Mars Homestead Project is a group researching a plan to colonize Mars, using local Martian materials. They have technical document, forums and images available for your perusal.

Second, Red Colony is a site for people interested in colonizing and/or terraforming Mars. Lots of up to date info on Mars. They also have lots of links to Mars related stuff.

And last, but not least, our own Fred “Real Men Don’t Eat” Kiesche is heavily involved in Martian Soil and toils endlessly to bring you the latest news covering the exploration of Mars.

Now all we need is someone to get us to Mars so I can go there. Too bad NASA got hit by the budget crunch in the late ’70s. No telling where we’d be today. Instead, we get an agency that is unwilling to take risks and lacks a coherent vision for its future direction. I’m not sure if the private sector has the resources to do much more than to get us into orbit. I hope so, because I’d love to make it at least as far as Earth orbit before I die. Even if I do throw up.

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  1. And we cover the Moon on Lunar Soil, the rest of the solar system in Solar Soils and everything else on the (soon to be launched) Galactic Soils.

    The universe is mine, mine I tell you!

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