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CONTEST: Horror-ble Birthdays and Bacon

Ah, the wonders of the SciFi Channel’s PDA-targeted AvantGo channel. It contains a This Day link which, today, informs me that it is the birthday of both Wes Craven (creater of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies) and Butch Patrick (Eddie from The Munsters).

And what 2 better subjects for a new contest that mutilates the rules for the The Kevin Bacon Game!

GOAL: See if you can connect (costars, relations, whatever…) Wes Craven with Butch Patrick in fewer than the 7 links shown here:

  1. Wes Craven‘s Nightmare on Elm Street featured Johhnny Depp.
  2. Johhnny Depp starred in Ed Wood with Bill Murray.
  3. Bill Murray was in The Royal Tannenbaums with Ben Stiller.
  4. Ben Stiller is the son of Jerry Stiller.
  5. Jerry Stiller starred on the TV show King of Queens which featured Lou Ferrigno (as the neighbor).
  6. Lou Ferrigno starred in The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby.
  7. Bill Bixby starred in My Favorite Martian, an episode of which featured a boy named Stevie played by Butch Patrick.

PRIZE: Just fame and glory (Small Print: Fame and glory not included!)

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2 Comments on CONTEST: Horror-ble Birthdays and Bacon

  1. Butch Patrick was in a couple episodes of Adam-12 with Kent McCord

    Kent McCord was in a 21 Jump Street episode with Johnny Depp

    (and as pointed out above) Johnny Depp was in Nightmare of Elm Street directed by Wes Craven

    Thats a 3 stepper 🙂

  2. You scare me, Tim. More than I scare myself. 😉

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