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These Aren’t the Translations You’re Looking For

Some of you may already be familiar with, a website that showcases funny English translations.

OK, now what do you get when you cross Engrish with Star Wars? You get a humorous translation of the (already atrocious) dialaogue from Revenge of the Sith or, as it is translated, Episode III: Backstroke of the West.

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3 Comments on These Aren’t the Translations You’re Looking For

  1. As a Chinese speaker (and a poor Chinese reader), I’m skeptical about the veracity of these translations (someone else commented about the same thing on the site). I went to the winterson site hoping to see the Chinese characters in the subtitles to see for myself whether they’re mistranslated or just someone screwing around; unfortunately, I didnt see that in the screen caps. How does this person even know that it’s in Chinese?

    So what’s my point? is funny it shows poor understanding of the target (translated) language. This is not as funny because it’s hard to figure out if someone was intentionally “mis-translating” just to get a laugh.

    I can, just as easily, translate this post to Chinese as if I was a complete retard without any context and simply substituting non-sensical words, would that be as funny? probably not because it would have missed the spirit of it all…

    Maybe I’m taking this too seriously…

  2. I took the previous comments and performed the following operations on it using Babelfish:

    – English to Chinese (Simplified)

    – Chinese (Simplified) to English

    Granted, Babelfish is, by no means, perfect in the least. Perhaps, the original translator is of the level of aptitude as Babelfish. Let the laughing commence…

    As the Chinese speakers (and a pitiful Chinese reader), I am the suspicion am honest (others about these translations to comment approximately similar matter to the stand). I go to the winterson stand to hope looked the Chinese character in the subtitle looked whether is mistranslated for I them or some person screws tight; Unfortunately, I didn’t sees that in the screen cap. How did this person even know that, it is with Chinese? So what is my spot? is funny it to demonstrate (is translated) to the goal the language cheap understanding. This is not because is funny because it is the difficult extrapolation if some person of “intentionally mistranslates” to obtain smiles. I can, easily, translate this post to resemble me to Chinese completely not to decelerate any context and simply to substitute the insignificant word, that and is funny? Probably is not because it can miss all spirits… to be possible I too seriously to adopt this…

  3. doug browning // August 19, 2005 at 1:01 pm //

    I fully stretched on the floor laughing at drain cleaner….(H)

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