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2005 Wooden Rocket Awards

Voting for the 2005 Wooden Rocket Awards, sponsored by SFcrowsnest is now under way. The “Woodies” (hee-hee) cover a range of categories celebrating the “best online sites operating in the science fiction and fantasy genre, as voted for by the online world’s science fiction and fantasy fans”.

One new category this year is Best Blog. Note that anyone can vote. Just remember you heard it here on the SF Signal BLOG, nominated for a Digital Hugo (Best Blog) and in the list of Top 40 blogs.

[Whistles innocently while looking up and to the right.]

I’m just sayin’…

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

5 Comments on 2005 Wooden Rocket Awards

  1. I’m waiting for the check to clear before I vote.


  2. Now Fred, I don’t want to have to send over the boyz to help you understand that our money is good. As a matter of fact, we would never bribe our way into an award – threaten and coerce yes – bribe never. :-@

  3. Our motto could be:

    Just like Boing Boing, only with more SF content!

  4. You might want to fix that vote link, if I read my email right, email addresses have to be validated to you’ve got to send people to the main url: first.

    Would be a shame if people’s votes for you didn’t count.

  5. JP,

    I thought our motto was “If its free its for me” with its corollary “If I can’t get it for free, I am definitely not paying for it.” But we can have more than one motto, sort of a motto of the week right?

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