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Billions And Billions

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, the Science Channel will re-air the original 13 episodes, starting Sept. 27th. The episodes will feature updated CGI graphics and is digitally re-mastered. Fire up your recorders of choice!

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2 Comments on Billions And Billions

  1. I’m kind of dubious about all the “updating”. The stuff was state of the art, and IIRC, won an Emmy for SFX, the first ever, again IIRC. Why not let it stand as it is/was.

    I still recall an issue of American Cinematographer that had interviews with a lot of the folks who did the SFX. They really seemed to care about what they were working on. I hate to see their work vanish.

    (As an aside, I don’t even think we have The Science Channel on our satellite provider. I’ll have to look again. Is this a new effort?)

  2. Did some checking, we have Science Channel but it is a “premium” channel. I’m already forking out $50.00/month for “basic”, so I’ll pass on adding it.

    If only cable and satellite would give you a kind of “a la carte” ability to pick and choose channels. I’d pay for Science…but can pass on QVC, sixteen sports channels, etc.

    Fred (All NASA TV All the Time) Kiesche

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