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“Come Out, Neville!”

The long-anticipated (third) adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend is seemingly back on track as Warner Brothers has assigned director Francis Lawrence (Constantine) to direct. The previous two adaptations were The Last Man on Earth (1964) starring Vincent Price and The Omega Man (1976) starring Charlton Heston. Past names tied to the project include Ah-nuld and Wil Smith.

I read the book a couple of years ago and thought it was fantastic – well worth the read if you can get hold of a copy. Especially the SF Masterworks edition because the cover is way cool.

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6 Comments on “Come Out, Neville!”

  1. Awesome book. Loved it.

  2. I just finished the story I am Legend and what a fantastic read. I mean it has a wonderful juxtaposition at the end that really did it for me. The funny part is that I actually think that the choice of Charlton Heston as the Robert Neville character was appropriate, but the rest of Omega Man was not even close to the story.

  3. I’d recommend looking for Matheson’s other works, if you’ve liked this one. A lot of his stuff will be familiar for you if you watched the original Twilight Zone. And, if you’ve seen some of the recent films (Stir of Echoes, etc.), you may be surprised at how much better the books are.

    Then there’s The Shrinking Man. What a novel. If you liked “Legend”, you’re going to love “Shrinking”. What a novel.

  4. Omega Man came out in 1971, not 1976 😉

    Soylent Green is another good Sci-Fi movie with Charlton Heston (1972)

  5. Bom dia, hoje é um dia como qualquer outro dia, nada mudou , quero comentar sobre o filme do charlton , ( o ultimo homen da terra) fantástico, sensacional …… estou orgulhoso de ter assestido esse filme.. procurei na epoca atual mas não encontrei para mostrar alguns amigos……pode ajudar-me…

    Um abraço; Augusto

  6. I was a huge fan of the Omega Man, but have never seen Vincent Price in ‘The Last Man on Earth’ (want to). Im a big fan of the story, and saw I am Legend tonight… Will Smith was pretty good, and carried off isolation-insanity better than Charlton Heston did. Still and all, Im depressed by Hollywood happy endings. 😉

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