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Firefly Soundtrack

Has now been released by Fox. It’s a downloadabe ‘ealbum’ and costs $10. You can also listen to each track. I will say that, aside from the opening theme, I can’t remember any of the music. That’s either good or bad, I can’t decide.

The music didn’t strike me as being a disappointment, like Sky Captain’s did, but it wasn’t that memorable either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a soundtrack for a TV show. It’s just been movies. Hmm, I smell a poll for John….

Thanks to the A Quick Word From The Farside Of The Galaxy for the link.

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4 Comments on Firefly Soundtrack

  1. Does it use the song from the TV show at all? How about the style of music, is it still got that folky-country feel?

    Picked up the novelization and Whedon’s “Visual Companion”. Trying not to look at either, to keep what little of the plot that I don’t already know a secret from myself!

  2. Doh! “Firefly” the series, not “Serenity” the movie…

  3. Well, if you don’t have a broadband connection (raises hand), you’ll be able to buy a CD version starting 11/8/05. Amazon has it listed for $13.49.

  4. I’ve listened to the soundtrack of the show a few times now. It could have been better. I think the major problem lies with the fact that they put in as many snippets of themes as they could have managed. Parts of the music–“Out of Gas”, “Inara’s Suite”, others–were excellent, but too darn short. Longer explorations of some of these themes would have made for a better album. There is some darn good music there, you just don’t hear any one bit long enough to have it get its hooks into you.

    Only have had one run-through of the movie soundtrack so far, so can’t really talk about that.

    (Most of my listening has been taken up by my other holiday gift CD’s, such as “Master and Commander”, a boxed set of Segovia, four discs of Boccherini–yep, I do listen to more than SF related music!)


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