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Google has launched a blog search. It’s About time. Sites like Feedster, DayPop and Tecnorati have been around for a while.

In addition to the standard Google GUI, there’s also a Blogger-style interface. Results include all blogs, not just Blogger blogs. Or, more precisely, it includes all blogs that have an RSS feed.

My acid test, of course, is searching for the term “science fiction”, which in this case yields some fine results. Now, if only they would put an RSS feed on that so I can see when new results come in…

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3 Comments on Google Blog Search

  1. Thanks for this link! Wonderful!

  2. John, check out the bottom of the search, there’s the feed for that search.

    “Subscribe: Atom (10 results – 100 results) RSS (10 results – 100 results)”

  3. “Damn these eyes!”

    “Too Late”

    – Young Frankenstein

    Sweeet! Thanks, James.

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