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New SF On TV

I finally decided to post my impressions of the new crop of upcoming SF TV shows, if no other reason than to stop John’s incessant whining about when I would write this. I’ll be using SciFi’s SF TV Review Pt. I as a guide.

And now, on with the show!

Ghost Whisperer – looks like a cross between The Sixth Sense and John Edward’s Crossing Over, only Love Hewitt looks better than Bruce Willis or the eponymous John Edwards. Looks like JLH is the only reason to watch this show, maybe. At least she doesn’t suck (or maybe she does, I don’t know. Maybe Pete knows…)

Verdict – Meh.

Invasion – The aftermath of a hurricane leaves the residents of Homestead, Fla. experience odd events. The immediate conclusion is, of course, ALIEN INVASION! AAAAAHHHHHH! Still, this is produced by Shaun (Da Doo Ron Ron) Cassidy who produced American Gothic which I liked, even if it did have the commander of the Excalibur as the bad guy. SciFi compares Invasion to Lost which is good, but it sounds like there will be more SF to Invasion, which is gooder.

Verdict – Cautious interest.

Masters of Horror – An anthology series focusing on, surprisingly enough, horror stories. Since I don’t get Showtime, nor want to, I won’t be watching this. Verdict – Big Meh.

Night Stalker – A remake of the original which begs the questions: ‘Why?’ and ‘Is this SF?’

Verdict – No way.

Supernatural – Already premiered on The WB. We already know what Jeff thinks about this show. I’ll go with him. Verdict – Nope. Is this SF?

Surface – What happens when you bring home a sea monster as a pet? We’ll find out on Mondays. This one seems mildly interesting, possibly worth recording (or bittorrenting maties!).

Verdict – Possibility,

Threshold – New, from the mind that brought you the destruction of Star Trek, Brannon Braga, comes this tale of alien invasion on the cellular level. Sort of a cross between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and ‘Hard Rain’ from Bowfinger (yes, I watched Bowfinger, don’t look at me like that). As much as I detest Braga for what he did to ST, this one looks interesting, as does (for Tim) Carla Gugino. At least this one wears its SF on its sleeve for all to see.

Verdict – I’ll be recording this one!

There we go, but how many are actually SF? 3-ish, and all dealing with aliens in one form or another. We’ll see how they fare.

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10 Comments on New SF On TV

  1. Threshold is already in my list of Season Pass’ – the rest are just as pass.

  2. If by “incessant whining” you mean “whining in a manner reminiscent of incessantness” then, OK, I agree. 😉

  3. Actually, I think he meant it as saying that you were being annoying in a very uncomfortable kind of way – not that I think your annoying nor do I think that you whine (points out his gratuitous use of sucking up to ensure access to more free literature).

  4. I just watched Threshold (Tivo’d from last night) and I’m cautiously optimistic. The plotline is very interesting – its about an alien invasion through our DNA; that somehow they can use sound and other things to convert us to be them (which I seem to remember reading a book about but can’t remembe now.) There is a line from the promo about it being more efficient to send information here than troops that resonates.

    — Minor spoilers below —

    There are some major plot holes in the first episode – starting with why creatures capable of 4th dimensional travel would bother with Earth at all. There’s also a problem with the linguist deciding the fractal pattern represented their alien DNA (a triple helix) that I felt was just too bizarre of a conclusion to jump to. I was glad to see their major assumption of the second half of the two-hour pilot was proven false – otherwise that would have been another major problem for me.

    The actors are decent – I’m not a fan of Carla Gugino but the rest of the cast holds up well – especially Charles S Dutton and Brent Spiner. Some of the dialog they had to speak was absolutely terrible though, and the blocking in some scenes (especially one where Dutton is talking to the mathemetician in the bathroom) were so bad they should have reshot it.

  5. It looks like a modified version of the X-Files cash-in craze of the 80s (anyone remember the second season of Baywatch Nights?).

    I don’t consider spooky alien invasion stories SF anymore than I consider Mac & Me to be SF.

  6. SInce this post went up I’ve been thinking: None of the new “genre” shows even manage to get my neaurons twitching. In fact, I was unaware of most of them until this post went up. I cannot concieve a world where a network SF show would be anything other than turd.

    So then I began thinking what would be required for me to notice a new SF show:

    1: Cable. It would have to be at least on SciFi, and at best on HBO.

    2: No alien invasion. Possibly the most tired trope in SF right now.

    3: It would need to take on a subject that hasn’t been touched by TV SF yet, and those number in the thousands. A cursory perusal of a SF bookshelf should be sufficient.

    4: No military-centered SF. Even when it’s done right, it can’t hold up in the long run.

    No pretty people. Please. Enough already.

  7. So far, Threshold is better than Invasion. It’s kind of like saying that I prefer dental work with novacaine than without, though. Still holding final judgment for a few more episodes.

  8. I don’t have any first hand information about that. But I just don’t think she’s very pretty. Period. I would actually opt to not watch a show with her in it.

    Why wouldn’t you want Showtime? At night, it’s racier than Skinemax!

    Carla Gugino doesn’t do anything for me either. Where are all the hotties that used to be associated with SF? Oh yeah, they got famous and are doing movies…

  9. So I watched the second episode of “Invasion” last night…

    That had to be about the slowest hour I’ve spent in my life. Could something please happen in that show? Dull, dull, dull.

  10. Maybe Invasion is a show to da-do-run-run-run away from? [Ba-dum crash!]

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