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POLL RESULTS: Steven Spielberg Movies

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of the following was the best movie directed by Steven Spielberg?


(77 total votes)
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11 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Steven Spielberg Movies

  1. And “Raiders of the Lost Ark” wasn’t on the list because….?

  2. I was trying to stick to sf movies and, although archaeology is a science, ROTLA is more of an adventure flick. And a very good one, I might add.

  3. I agree with tibble, John is lame.

  4. Gee, maybe you’re right, JP. I probably should have used one of your poll ideas. Oh wait – you don’t have any! 8o|

  5. I can’t believe anyone voted for AI. I got about twenty minutes in and decided life was too short to watch the rest.

  6. Damn, John just slapped JP down. We would offer poll ideas but you are always so critical of others. I feel so threatened… Must go out and reconfigure the trebuchet and launch some dead animals somewhere near John 😉

  7. Er, Schindler’s List isn’t Spielberg’s best film? It’s arguably the best film I’VE ever seen by ANY director and is the only film or which he received an Oscar.
    Okay, as you mentioned you should have named the poll “Spielberg’s best sci-fi films.”

  8. Wow. It seems like people were expecting something other than what the poll asked for. I intentionally used the phrasing “Which of the following…” because I knew Spielberg’s list of movies included some non-sf heavy hitters like Schlinder’s List, Saving Private Ryan and Empire of the Sun.
    Tim, I hope you (and JP!) realize that my comment was made in fun. He needs an occasional verbal thrashing once in a while to keep him on his misshapen toes. And it felt good to use the angry icon (8o|) who populates these pages way too infreuently. Nevertheless, any time that you get to use the word “trebuchet” is good. Now, if you only combine it with “Boomer”….

  9. You had me at Boomer – but then again that was the end of your post. I concur that JP needs a good thrashing – preferably more often. And I know you were having fun – notice my wink emoticon? Because lets be honest, I don’t own a trebuchet nor do I have any dead animals yet – but dont think I won’t go out and fetch me some…:-@

  10. Perhaps instead of launching animals, one might simply fart in his general direction (to misuse a Pythonism).

  11. Ah, okay – wording malfunction.
    This list reminded me to add The Goonies to my Netflix list as Austen hasn’t seen that one yet and he’s about the right age (9).

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