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SF Tidbits Part VI

Welcome to another installment of SF Tidbits!

  • Big Dumb Object points us to a Neil Gaiman interview excerpt from the UK mag SFX. (Personal observation: About 95% of the SFX covers feature some graphic that obscures the bottom of the “F” in the title, making it, I suppose, a more eye-catching on the newsstands.)
  • Christopher Paolini’s Eldest, sequel to the surprise hit Eragon, has become the best-selling children’s book ever in Random House history, taking the title away from the latest Harry Potter book.
  • SF author Scott Westerfeld elaborates on the Elasticity of Time Travel.
  • Steven Spielberg will soon be working on an adaptation of When Worlds Collide, the 1933 Philip Wylie book that was made into a movie in 1951 by George Pal (Coincidentally, both Pal and Spielberg also adapted H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds).
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2 Comments on SF Tidbits Part VI

  1. The SFX -> SEX thing was indeed a running joke when the magazine first launched.

    Now in a shope that sells magazines (even a big chain like WHSmiths) a magazine with SEX on the cover barely raises an eyebrow amidst the deluge of lads mags and gadget mags with almost naked woman on the front.

  2. I have an original 1926 copy of The Moon Maid. Was wondering if it had any value??

    Thanks, Tom

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