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SF Tidbits Part XI

Welcome to another installment of SF Tidbits!

  • Newsweek has a piece about the new Superman due out next yeear.
  • Salon has the first of a serialized (in ten parts) sf novella by Cory Doctorow: “Themepunks“. (Annoying registration required.)
  • Author and former teacher Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials, soon to be adapted to film) is speaking out about teaching methods: “Education should be about lighting a fire in the child’s mind, filling it with desire and delight and curiosity and encouraging these human qualities, rather than educating in order to prepare a workforce that will meet the economic challenges of the 21st century.”
  • Pages has a profile of Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon and Eldest.
  • J.K. Rowling, concerned about the already-existing digital piracy, will allow all Harry Potter books to be available in digital audio format.
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