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A Feast for Crows Countdown

George R.R. Martin fans can rejoice that the long-long-long-awaited next installment in his A Song of Ice and Fire series is being released in a few weeks (November 8th). Until then, here’s an excerpt from A Feast for Crows to warm the cockles of your heart. (“That’s just great. Nothing like hot cockles.” – W. Allen.)

[Link via Locus Online]

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  1. We picked up one of these at the bookstore last weekend. Nice tasty morsel. I’ve been re-reading the series in preparation, but looks like I won’t finish before the new installment arrives (I’m nearly done with Clash). But that just means I won’t have to fight the wife and sons over who gets to read first. I’ll just mosey on through Storm, and by the time I’m done, they’ll all have finished Feast.

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