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As the Ghibli Turns

Turner Classic Movies will be airing nine anime films from Hayao Miyazaki in January 2006. The Studio Ghibli productions include Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso and Whisper of the Heart.

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3 Comments on As the Ghibli Turns

  1. These are all excellect films. My ranking for these would be:

    1. Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind

    2. Castle in the Sky

    3. Porco Rosso

    4. Princess Mononoke

    5. Spirited Away

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Whisper of the Heart or My Neighbor Totoro. Guess now’s my chance.

  2. ELN mentioned Kiki’s Delivery Service as being one of the films although the original article didn’t mention it. I saw that movie with my daughter and we both liked it. In fact, I’ve since picked up the book and we read it a couple of weeks ago.

  3. My neighbor Tortoro is perhaps my favorite movie. It concerns two a father and his two young daughters who move to a new house, in order to be near the mother, sick in the hospital. But it seems the house, and the woods nearby may be haunted by a jovial forest-spirit that only the little children can see. Do not look for much action or plot, but look for warmth and charm and spot-on characterization. Bachellors, alas, may not get much out of this film, but if you have youg kids, you will admire how perfectly Miyazaki captures them.

    Whisper of the Heart has a certain charm, but it is a straight forward real-world story about a teenaged girl and her hopes. There are no fantasy elements in the tale, unless you count the overweight tabbycat that follows her on the subway. Good, but not great. Keep in mind that even the worst Miyazaki work is better than most people’s best work.

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