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Film’s Most Shocking Moments

Premiere Magazine has posted their 25 Most Shocking Moments in Movie History. Moments of note include the movies:

25. Jaws

22. The Sixth Sense – “I see dead people.”

18. Planet of the Apes (original…sorry Tim B.) – “You maniacs!”

17. Star Wars Episode IV – “Luke, I am Your Father!”

12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

9. The Exorcist – Pea soup, anyone?

8. Carrie

3. Alien – with a scene that has lost all of its charm since Mel Brooks ruined it for me with Spaceballs.

[Link via ClubJade]

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3 Comments on Film’s Most Shocking Moments

  1. Shouldn’t that be Episode V for the Vader quote?

  2. What the deuce? Who let a fanboy in here? :O

  3. I’ll always remember that moment from Carrie. I saw it in the theater with my girlfriend of the time, and when [SPOILER ALERT] the hand came out of the grave and grabbed the character’s wrist, my startled girlfriend grabbed me on the same wrist. I jumped about two feet out of my seat. It wasn’t just a movie, it was a “feelie.”

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