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Google Map Hacks

I find that I’m now using Google Maps for directions instead of the traditional MapQuest or Yahoo Maps. I’m also starting to use some of the other features as well like, say, mapping bookstores in Houston (as if I didn’t already know where they were).

But Google maps has lots of other cool uses. People have developed web applications that use Google maps to do some interesting things like help you find cheap gas, locate housing, track your website visitors and (perhaps most important of all) locate a New York City pizza joint. There are lots more – the Google Maps Mania blog tries to list them all. These “mash maps” are usually useful, although there are plenty of questionable efforts like the UFO Sightings mash map. Engadget even shows you how to make your own and O’reilly Radar provides a series of map-hacking goodies.

Are you Google-Mapping yet?

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  1. For mapping out running routes I would really like to be able to click waypoints on the map and have it tell me how far it is from point A to point B to point C, etc. See if you can make that happen.

  2. Ask and ye shall receive: Gmaps Pedometer

    [Link via Lifehacks]

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