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It Is Your Destiny…

…or it can be your destiny, to live your fanboi fantasy out this Halloween with this “collector’s edition” of our favorite dark lord of the force…for a measily $800 (tax, shipping, and lightsaber not included). To be a true FANBOI, you owe it to yourself to have one of these hanging in your closet!

3 Comments on It Is Your Destiny…

  1. Well, my son did not score that costume, (he is only 5; he would need to get his own job to get something like that; I won’t even mention that he is not tall enough, etc.). He will be Darth Vader in one of those cheesy costumes from Walmart. He already has the helmet/voice changer thing. He has about 6-9 lightsabers to choose from.

    He is going to be just as happy, if not more so, as any other fanboy that would get this……

  2. Be sure to teach him some snappy comebacks by Halloween, like “I find your lack of full-size candy bars…disturbing.”

  3. He’s already got down:”you don’t know the power…..” pretty good.

    The only problem is he looks more like “Dark Helmet” (Rick Moranis in Spaceballs) than Darth Vader.


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